History of the Game

Jenga's game rules allow for the pieces to be stacked on their broad side with no spaces between, making their game easier to pack and ship, in a cheap cardboard box. Ta-Ka-Radi is made, assembled and shipped in Maine. Jenga's game is manufactured overseas. In light of recent safety issues, you can feel confident in your purchase of Ta-Ka-Radi. 

We prefer to sell our game in a neat drawstring cloth bag which can be customized and is easy to tote. Please click on the following link to find out how Ta-Ka-Radi can be the perfect business gift with your company name printed on the bag. 


The game as played in Ghana, West Africa was originally introduced to the USA by the Parsons family in 1978. Read their full story at About Us.

Following the extraordinary success of the Parsons' game, a big American toy company introduced a similar game in 1986. They called their game Jenga using the Swahili (East Africa) name for “build.” The people of Ghana, of course, don't speak Swahili and the game was never played there.

The Original

Beware the Imitations

Ta-Ka-Radi is the original game as it has been played by generations of West African people. The Parsons' proprietary manufacturing process allows for minute differences in the size of the tiles. This subtle difference makes the game. Because Ta-Ka-Radi blocks are stacked on the narrow edge, the game is innately more precarious, suspenseful and fun!

Challenge yourself and buy Ta-Ka-Radi!